Flowers and Temperature – The Do’s and Don’ts of Hot and Cold

Flowers are very sensitive and temperamental. They can be extremely picky about their environment. Managing their surroundings, especially temperature, is important to keeping your blooms looking their best for your big event. Keeping Your Cool Correctly A florist’s flower refrigerator is usually set to 35 degrees to 38 degrees F with a much higher humidity […]

Three Ways to Compose Your Wedding Bouquet

Besides your wedding gown, no other single item will show your personality and style at your wedding as much as your bridal bouquet. Your bouquet will likely be in almost every photo of your special day. Here’s the three methods we use to compose the flowers you will carry down the aisle.  This is probably […]

Beyond Baby’s Breath–Expand Your Vision for Filler Flowers

Filler flowers are used to fill in the spaces in an arrangement or bouquet. They are usually placed last in the arrangement and fill in empty spaces in the arrangement.  Often overlooked, filler flowers play an important part in forming the shape of your wedding design and deserve attention. There are so many options available, […]